Interflow Records – Expansion

Today, we can finally reveal a new project that the team has been working on. We are expanding Interflow to 3 new labels.

First is Sunset Dreams, which creates music in Progressive House. This was a feature that many fans asked us to do which is to split Interflow Progressive into two labels.

With the change of Interflow Progressive, we introduce Aural Sonic a new Trance label that will publish both Progressive Trance and Uplifting Trance. This will replace Interflow Uplifting and Interflow Progressive.

Finally, Interflow Tranquil is no more and is being replaced by Serene Melodies which focuses on Downtempo.

We are planning to introduce a few new labels in the months ahead for other genres.

Below you can find all the new logos that Skye created. This was a project that took a lot of time as we wanted to get the name done properly with a new graphic.